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111. What Kills Bed Bugs? And How To Kill Bed Bugs?

There are several types of bed bugs or bed fleas or bed mites, live on the blood of birds, animals, and humans. Due to too small in size, they can easily hide and migrate with birds, clothing, even in travelers' luggage. They don’t spread any diseases, but their bites can be aching, leaving red spot, even led to infection if not treat in early stage. So, if you are infested with bedbugs you should kill them as soon as possible. But to kill them effectively you should know what kills bedbugs and what to do if you have bed bug infestation.
What Kills Bed Bugs?

Many people ask what to do if you have bed bugs. The answer is kill them effectively as soon as possible. Now you need to know what kills bed bugs and how to kill them effectively? If you know the things kill bed bugs then you can apply accordingly without thinking too much. So, simple awareness can save your time and money, and finally help you to keep your home bedbug free. Remember, professional exterminator is the best choice to kill bedbugs effectively. But it's expensive and not affordable for many people like me. So, we need alternate way kill them.
How to Kill Bed Bugs?

People those who can't afford the high cost of professional exterminator, this topic is for them. Read and follow carefully the description below to kill bedbugs yourself.
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#1. Lack of Oxygen

Bed Bugs can’t survive where lack of Oxygen. That’s why, The National Pest Management Association advised all traveler to seal their luggage in plastic bags/container to prevent any hiding beg bugs to survive during the journey. Even at your home you can keep your luggage sealed few days to ensure the death of existing bed bugs (if any).
#2. Steam Heat

They also can’t tolerate the heat over 97 degrees Fahrenheit generated from a clothe dryer, steam-cleaner. So, consider cleaning your luggage with Steam cleaner after a journey to kill bed bugs if any.
#3. Extreme Cold

What Kills Bed Bugs - What To Do If You Have Bed Bugs
Keep in Plastic Bags/Container

Bed bugs can’t survive at freezing temperatures. So, If you can keep your bed bug infested materials in extreme cold, definitely they will die. But the problem is that the most Humans & animals also unable to survive at such temperature.

All of such infested items you can pack in plastic bags and keep inside deep freezer few hours to ensure their death.
#4. Pyrethrin

What Kills Bed Bugs? What To Do If You Have Bed Bug? Take 5 Simple Steps!

The Mayo Clinic recommends this insect killer, available in many OTC (over-the-counter) Clinics. You can also use any other similar bug spray. But you must apply in all the rooms of your home at the same day to ensure of killing the entire bedbugs at a time. If you don't apply in several places at the same time, bed bugs of infested area will move to your fresh room easily and infest there. So, all of your efforts to remove bed bugs will result nothing, & wastage of time and money.
#5. Insecticide Dust/Powder

For the items you can't keep in dryer, such as mattress, bedding, sofa etc. you can apply insecticide powder. It’s a dust form of the insecticides such as deltamethrin or Pyrethrin.

The most useful deltamethrin powder is available in Amazon or any OTC near to you. You can also check in local clinic like CVS, Right Aid, etc or in Walmart or Target Super center.

You can buy Deltamethrin insecticide powder here: Deltamethrin Dust: Multi Purpose Pest Control Insecticide Dust, Quanity: 1 LB.

If Deltamethrin is not available, you can buy Pymethrin or similar product from any medicine store. If no one is available then try with the following:

What Kills Bed Bugs? What To Do If You Have Bed Bug? Take 5 Simple Steps!
Bedbug Killer Spray

Take care about the things stated above to successfully kill bed bugs in your home. For instantly killing bedbugs you can buy a very effective bedbug killer: Bed Bug Killer Spray By Ecoraider, Case 16 Oz X16, All-natural & Non-toxic, Fast Kill & Long Residual.

No accuracy warranty of any information provided here. This is not a medical advice anyway, can be used for information purpose only. Always ask your doctor for medical treatment while necessary.
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