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113. How To Avoid Bed Bugs Infestation?

To avoid bedbug bites, at first you have to recognize bed bugs clearly. Don’t be confused with other bugs as bed bugs. These are very smaller as an apple seed in size, very much irritating in our usual life. Fortunately there are several ways to prevent and get rid of them. To help you recognize bed bugs easily we have given few pictures of different stages in life cycle. Learn more about bedbugs and how to avoid bed bugs.
How it looks like?
Recently hatched bed bugs are colorless excluding after feedings. They can be seen with the human eyes, but they are smart enough to hide them fast before you observe them nicely.
Bedbugs are blood-sucking insects may enter at your homes unknowingly with a piece of luggage from your recent trip, or someone’s clothing who already infested. There are a lot of ways that bed bugs can infest your home. Learn where do bedbugs come from.

Actual size of bed bugs

As you can see that a full size bed bug is 5 mm. So they are smaller than that in earlier and difficult to see with normal eyes.
Like other insects they have 5 stages in their life cycle.

How to avoid Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs, small blood-sucking insects that can infest your homes and hotels. They usually live in mattresses, bedding, Furniture & Fixtures and so on. They move slowly for food while we sleep. Bed bugs with their eggs can be spread onto other materials like clothing, carpeting, suitcases and even other room.

If you know someone’s home or hotel room is infested with bed bugs, you should avoid direct contact with their belongings like bed, home, clothes, & cars etc.
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You’ll Need

Adhesive labels
Plastic trash bag

01. Don’t allow infested anything

Don’t allow an infected person, his pets or belongings in your home, as Bed Bugs may be carried into your home.
So, stop them to come in direct contact with you.

02. Keep away from visiting

Keep away from visiting a home or hotel room if bed bug infestation has been reported there on. Bed bugs and their eggs aren’t not only found in bed, it can be found in other areas of the home or hotel, such as furniture and carpeting etc.
03. Avoid touching

Avoid touching or wearing clothes, purses, suitcases or other belongings of an individual with bed bug infestation. The bed bugs and their eggs can be carried with these items and infest others.
04. Avoid to store

Always avoid keeping or storing your coat and purse near to Bed bugs infested closet, as Bed Bugs may travel from one coat to another, and hence your coat and purse become infested.
05. Label the name of employee

If some one is infested in your office, Label the name of employees in office Table & chairs and allow them to use the same Table & chair always; so that, Bed bugs and their eggs can’t infest the next person.
06. Find separate transport

Find separate transportation instead of sharing with a person infected bed bugs. The eggs and bed bugs may be spread onto the whole car. Find another transport until the infestation has been eliminated completely.
07. Seal the infested clothing
If you unfortunately come to direct contact with a person or location that’s infested with bed bugs, remove your clothing immediately. And take a complete bathe without delay after entering
your home. Keep your clothing in a plastic bag. Seal the bag and keep it like this for six weeks. Due to lack of food and oxygen the bed bugs will be unable to survive and complete their life cycle.
Tips & Warnings:

Although, Bed bugs are intolerant of very cold temperatures, it requires two weeks of continuous freezing temperatures to kill bed bugs and their eggs. So, don’t freeze your belongings in an effort to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Instead, try to kill them with high temperature.
There are several DIY methods explained in our channel and website. Follow any one to remove bedbug infestation. Sometimes, it’s difficult to eliminate without Professional assistance. So, if you can afford take professional help.

No accuracy warranty of any information provided here. This is not a medical advice, for information purpose only. Always ask your doctor for medical treatment while necessary.
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