how to get rid bedbugs - @jwhitebbtv

In this video Jeff will update everyone on a new study on the effectiveness of diatomaceous earth and the current thinking about how well it works on bed bugs. For years lab and field studies have suggested that DE is a suitable dust for addition to a treatment protocol for bed bugs. A recent study by the University of Kentucky which used DE as a stand-alone tool in an attempt to control bed bugs did not find positive results on its effectiveness. While these findings were enough reason for Jeff to change BedBug Central's protocol from using DE to Cimexa dust, he does not think it's a reason to state that DE does not work for bed bugs. We have known all along that DE is not a tool that should be used by itself to control bed bugs. It has always been recommended that it is used with other tools and the study by the University of Kentucky confirms this. While it is Jeff's position that there may be other low-impact dusts that may provide better results with bed bugs, if DE is used with other pesticides as part of a comprehensive bed bug protocol other studies have suggested it can have positive effects.