treatment for bedbug bites
Magical Pest Control offers guaranteed chemical free pest eradication from your home or business. A highly trained professional crew member will come to your location and after a complete consultation and analysis (which includes a detailed inspection of your premises) will present a plan of action followed with a written proposal.

You will be hand walked throughout the entire procedure before, during and after. Prior to treatment, you will be provided with a list of instructions to prepare your home. During the process, crew members will painstakingly and meticulously inspect every room to ensure the safety of your items. Finally, they will unhesitatingly answer any questions that you may have and offer customer referrals for added feedback.

Many clients hesitate due to the slightly higher cost of this green solution but later confess that chemical solutions did not work as bugs
are good at hiding in cracks of floors and in walls. Anyone who has experienced the invasive, traumatic and embarrassing invasion of
fleas or bedbugs can easily apply Einstein's theory of relativity to the matter. One sleepless night of discomfort can feel like an eternity in purgatory and one chemical free, pest free night, can feel like the perfect vacation - flawless, relaxing, treasured.

Lastly chemical solutions often require repeated treatment and are unsafe on your pets and humans.

For peace of mind, call the experts at Magical Pest Control at 416-625-8435 or 1-866-323-PEST(7378), solve the problem in one sweep, and sleep in peace.

Pick up the phone, book your consultation today. Its free and there is no obligation and you are on your way to a full solution.

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