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Visit Us: Mice & Rodent Treatments in Keller TX 817-381-2468 Ameritech Animal Control Solving pest & rodent problems since 1982. Emergency pest control services for homes and business. With the cold weather rodents like to come inside. If you think you have a rodent problem in the walls, ceiling or attic, call Ameritech rodent control. We have over 50,000 happy customers in the DFW metro area. Ameritech pest control is a locally owned business that focuses on the total removal of all of your bugs, ants, spiders, rodents, mice, rats and wild animals. If you have a rodent mice or rat infestation you may hear noise coming from within the walls or ceiling, you may hear scratching in the walls, floors, ceiling or attic areas. Call Ameritech Animal Control, we provide rodent, rat and mice control services that help to keep rodents from coming into your home, condo, apartments, office or restaurant during the cooler fall and winter months. We will inspect your property looking for ways that the rodent are coming in and then seal the small cracks and crevices to keep the rodents out. We serve Keller Texas Ameritech Rat Control Service Call 817-381-2468.

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