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Episode 2 of the year and this one may give you an "itching" feeling. Bed Bug prevention is number one in guaranteeing a Bed Bug free life, before or after you've had treatments. If you or someone close to you works in high traffic areas of people like the hotel industry, these Bed Bug prevention tips are sure to help.

Our main topic today focuses on preventing and how to deal with Bed Bug Removal Las Vegas. It doesn't take a certain kind of person to have Bed Bugs. Like a virus in our bodies, Bed Bugs can be transferred from any one, anywhere, any time. So that makes for some pretty difficult odds to beat. None the less, you can get effective Bed Bug Removal Las Vegas from Buggn you if you are aware that they are Buggn around you ALL the time. This Vlog will give you key insights on Bed Bug prevention from good house maintenance to protecting the bed itself.

I hope you enjoy our smaller, cleaner look and as always, DFTBA!

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