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Inside a home, bed bugs have an easy to reach source of blood and tend to remain mostly localized in a bedroom, close to where their hosts sleep. Fairly concentrated numbers of these insects tend to remain in close proximity to the bed, within easy reach of the host. But in an office building a meal isn't so easy to come by. Since bed bugs are nocturnal and most of their hosts (humans) are gone at night, their search for a meal can take them throughout an office and even throughout all floors of a building. When this happens the infestation becomes widely spread. In this environment they tend to be found one at a time or in small groups. In the early stages, workers are rarely bitten and the bugs are seldom seen. The infestation my go undetected for some time. They can also be spread to other offices or buildings occupied by the same company, being transported in files, computers, boxes and personal items. They will, eventually, out of necessity, begin to feed in the daytime and multiply. Once their numbers have increased and an infestation is suspected, locating them may be difficult, time consuming and frustrating.Treatment for bed bugs in an office building is also troublesome. One of the first methods of treatment, while the infestation is still in its early stages, is to vacuum up localized individuals and groups with a powerful, pest control vacuum and crack and crevice attachment. One thing to remember, however, is that bed bugs can hide in the deep recesses of furniture, baseboards and moldings, up inside the hollow areas of office cubicle dividers and other inaccessible areas. And bed bug eggs are glued to surfaces by the female when she lays them. Although people are badly affected by an influx of bedbugs, the medical authorities proclaim that they are not a serious health hazard. Tell that to people who are suffering from bedbugs! Bedbugs are not known to transmit disease, that is true, but they instigate paranoia and insomnia which can have far ranging consequences.Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get rid of an infestation of bedbugs on your own. However these bugs are vulnerable to heat, so you can steam clean your house to get rid of them, but the only guaranteed method is to call in professional pest controllers. Bedbugs do not just live in homes. They live everywhere: not just in poor homes, not just in dirty houses and not only in houses even. You can pick one up from anywhere where individuals congregate, because bedbugs move about by hitching a lift on a human carrier. You can pick one up on a bus, in a taxi, at the cinema, in your doctor's waiting room or in a hotel.


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