how to permanently get rid of bedbugs
Bed Bug management service

Bed bugs move from place to place along with peoples clothing and baggage. During day time bed bugs hide in tiny cracks and crevices and feed on blood at night. A Sai, Bed bug control services are safe to Humans & pets, we use combination of chemicals with exact formulations & appropriate Concentration depending on the infestation.
Live helper Bed Bug Treatment:
Q. Are Chemicals used by A Sai Safe?
A. Yes, all chemicals used by us are certified by FDA & EPA, these chemicals are recommended for Indoor / Domestic Use.
Q. Can we stay at home during the time of treatment?
A. Yes, you can stay during the treatment, but we recommend children below 4 years, pregnant women & people allergic to chemicals to stay out for 3-4 hours after the service.
Q: Do I need to wash the bed sheets, pillow cover & other materials after Treatment?
A: Yes, We recommend you to wash these stuffs after the service as the chemicals are sprayed on these to kill the bedbugs.
Q: How many treatments are recommended for effective Control?
A: Two treatments, the second treatment should be taken after 25 days of the First.
Q. When & how can we clean the sprayed chemicals?
A. we recommend you not to wash the floor with water & Soap for 24 hours & don't directly inhale the chemical while cleaning, wash your hands thoroughly. (Because few people will be allergic towards the chemical)