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Cooks Pest Control has brought in Bill Cates to speak at their National Sales Meeting twice. In between, they have truly embraced Bill Cates' Referral System. They've achieved a 400% increase in referral sales and they're only getting started with Bill's system.

"Hey, my name is Jerry Baker. I’m the Vice President of Sales with Cooks Pest Control. For the second year, we’ve partnered with Mr. Cates. Fabulous presentation. I’ve had several comments saying this is the best year ever. We’ve indoctrinated much of his material into our culture. We’re learning a lot. It’s impacted our sales. We are making this a big boom, carrying it throughout the year and making it a part of our culture. The one thing that I love most about Bill, what he does is he comes in and becomes a part of the culture, working very dynamically with our sales team as well as our management team in bringing that impact so they can get the results that we’re needing. So fabulous job. We had about 350 or so people in here. Fabulous job, great takeaways, great notes, great interaction that we had. So looking forward to working further in the future with Bill. Outstanding job." - Jerry Baker