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101. Bed Bug Facts! Bed Bug Symptoms – How To Treat Bedbug Bites?

We have many questions about bed bug: Where do bed bugs bite? Where they hide? What size of bed bugs? what to do if you have bed bugs? Do bed bugs have wings? Can they fly? What are bed bug symptoms? and finally How to treat bedbug bites? Find here all the answers of above questions. It’s necessary to recognize bedbugs at first to treat them in proper way and remove them effectively. Read and learn more about Bedbug Facts and Signs Of Bed Bugs to recognize them properly and treat bedbug bites effectively.
Bed Bug Size

Bedbugs are elliptical and brownish insects, very smaller as an apple seed in size, living on the blood of Humans and Animals. Adult bedbugs have plane bodies – enlarge their bodies after feeding and color become reddish. Read and learn more about Bed bug infestation, treatment and extermination.
Can Bed Bugs fly or do bed bugs have wings

Bed bugs can’t fly as they don’t have wings. But move very quickly over the floor and walls even in ceilings. Female bedbugs lay hundreds of eggs, the size of which is the small dot in its full life span.
How to Treat bed bug bites?
Usually the safest, and the most effective way is to hire an experienced pest control professional for bed bugs extermination. So, if you can afford, prefer it above all.

But if you are confident enough then try to do it yourself. Remember, Get rid of bed bug begin from cleaning the places wherever bed bugs exist.

And then treat them effectively.

For treating bedbugs You’ll need the following things:
01. Clean Bedding

Clean your bedding, linens, curtains, and clothing in boiling water and dry them at the setting of maximum.
Shoes, and other items that can’t be washed, keep in the dryer and run on high temperature for 30 minutes. For stuffed animals to wash in the dryer is risky. So, keep them in bright and hot sun at least 30 minutes.
02. Use hard Brush

Use a hard brush to clean mattress seams to remove bed bugs and their eggs before washing.
03. Clean frequently

Clean your bed and adjacent area frequently.

Immediately after cleaning with vacuum cleaner leave the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and seal it or tie it tightly and throw in the garbage can outdoors.
04. Cover mattress

Keep mattress and box springs in an air tight cover that is made with natural fiber. Thus keep bed bugs from entering home or escaping. Bed bugs may live up to a year without food. So keep the cover on your mattress for at least one year to ensure all bugs in the mattress become dead.
05. Renovate cracks

Renovate cracks in plaster and glue down cracking wallpaper where bed bugs can hide.
06. Throw out clutter

Throw out the clutter around the bed. While your mattress is infested, you would like to get rid of it and buy a new one, but ensure to clear the rest areas of your home, otherwise they’ll infest your new mattress too.
Tips and Warning:

Cleaning up infected areas will help you to control bedbugs, and to get rid of them usually requires chemical treatments. Treating your bed and bedroom with insecticides can be risky. So, it’s important to use products that can be used safely in bedrooms. Don’t treat mattresses and bedding unless recommended or specifically saying clearly that you can use them on bedding.
Usually the safest and the most effective way is to hire an experienced pest control professional for bed bugs extermination. So, if you can afford, prefer it above all.

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