fastest way to get rid of bedbugs
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Preparation for bed bug treatment is extremely important. If you cut corners here, you could be setting yourself up for a repeat infestation (no good!!!).

- Take out all of your clothes from drawers, closets, and hangers. Put them into plastic garbage bags or sealed plastic bins.
- Strip your bed's comforter, sheets, and any other removable bedding. Put it all into plastic garbage bags or containers as well.
- Wash all clothes and bedding in a washer and dryer at the highest temperature setting. - To kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs that might be in fabrics, you have to heat them up to at least 120 degrees Farenheit. If you can, it might be safer to do this step twice.
- Be very careful when your transporting your laundry around the house or outside the house. Make sure you don't let it open and touch any other area.
- Once you're done with the laundry, keep in the bags/containers until you're done with the first treatment. It's a good idea to leave them here for a couple of weeks, because you're going to be treating again and you want to make sure no surviving bed bugs sneak into your clothes.