how do i get rid of bedbugs
Treatment instructions from:

Preparation for bed bug treatment is extremely important. If you cut corners here, you could be setting yourself up for a repeat infestation (no good!!!). You can do this before or after treating your clothes and bedding; whichever is easier.

- Remove as much excess clutter as you can. You don't need to do a full cleaning of the room, but your goal is to minimize the possible hiding places for bed bugs.
- If the clutter has cracks, crevices, holes, or other potential places for bed bugs, it's best to leave those items in the room, but stack them neatly so you have a clear area to treat.
- If you have large pictures or wall fixtures with space behind them for bed bugs to hide, take them down so you can at least make sure they are not there (yes, it happens).
- Take note of wall outlets, radiators, and other objects with large holes close to the floor. If it's easy to remove a piece to see inside, remove it.
- Vaccuum the floor, especially if you have carpeting.