bedbug treatments
The parasitic arthropods known as bedbugs have recently undergone what scientists are calling a “rapid global expansion." In layman's terms, that means they're taking over new territories and growing in number and range. And according to a new study, they're doing their nasty globetrotting by hitching rides in our stinky laundry. According to Science Magazine British researchers from the University of Sheffield tested whether the insects were attracted to soiled clothing. They found about twice as many bugs were attracted to the dirty clothes as to clean ones. So when you're travelling, put your bags up on the metal luggage racks in a hotel room, because the bugs can’t climb up smooth surfaces. If no such rack is to be found, keeping your soiled garments in an airtight bag should help mask the smell. Just don't keep your luggage on the bed. And when you get home, wash and dry your clothes on high heat. Apparently, heat is the Achilles heel of the bed bug.


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