how to get rid of bed bugs
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106. How To Treat Bed Bug Bites & Kill Them In 24 Hours Or Less?

Remember, If you wish to get rid of bed bugs, you have two options: Extreme heat or Extreme cold. Due to cooling extremely in infested items take several days, extreme heat is the merely way to kill bed bugs in 24 hours or less.
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Now I am explaining in details.

You’ll need the following Things:

(1) Washing machine.
(2) Dryer.
(3) Sealable Plastic bags.
(4) Hand-held steamer.
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Step 1:
Always check your mattress with close attention as it’s the most common hiding spot for bed bugs. If the bed bugs were nested inside your mattress, it may need to be avoided.
Don’t sleep or let your member not to sleep at someone else house if your house is infested with bed bugs. Because it’s likely to bring eggs or bed bugs into their home and become infested.
View How To Kill Bed Bugs In 24 Hours Or Less?
Step 2:
Wash your bedding and linens in very hot water instead of cold water. While the washing cycle is ended, run the items through the dryer at least once. Start the drying cycle again when it’s finished, until it says to stop.

Step 3:
Put smaller items like overstuffed animals and pillows in a conserved plastic bag, and let them sit in the very hot sun for few hours. Items that can’t be washed or dried must be kept in heat to get rid of the infestation.
View How To Kill Bed Bugs In 24 Hours Or Less?
Step 4:
For thoroughly vapor your mattress, use a hand-held steamer. Usually, the steam is hot enough to kill bed bugs. You may also let your mattress stand in the sun for a few hours after you finished steaming.

Step 5:
Remember, it’s necessary to treat your entire home at a time. Otherwise, your good area can be re-infested from infested area. If you are not able to treat your entire home by yourself, Contact a pest-control professional to spray your home. As bed bugs are likely to nest in places other than your bed and linens, the complete home must be treated.
Home kits are usually not recommended due to the improper application of pesticides that can be hazardous.
That is all about how to kill bed bugs in 24 hours or less.

We have many questions about bed bug. How big are bed bugs, where do bed bugs bite, Where they hide, What size of bed bugs, what to do if you have bed bugs, Do bed bugs have wings, Can they fly, What’s bed bug symptoms, and finally How to treat bed bug bites? For answer of all these questions Read and learn more about Signs Of Bed Bugs – Bed Bug Symptoms – Do Bed Bugs Have Wings – Treat Bed Bug Bites.

Bed Bug Size
Bedbugs are elliptical and brownish insects, very smaller as an apple seed in size, living on the blood of Humans and Animals. Adult bedbugs have plane bodies – enlarge their bodies after feeding and color become reddish. Read and learn more about Bed bug infestation, treatment and extermination.
Can Bed Bugs fly or do bed bugs have wings
Bed bugs can’t fly as they don’t have wings. But move very quickly over the floor and walls even in ceilings. Female bedbugs lay hundreds of eggs, the size of which is the small dot in its full life span.
Young bed bugs are called Nymphs, discard their skins five times until reach in maturity. And each time of discarding skins they need a meal of blood. In a favorable environment bed, bugs can fully develop within one month and generate new bugs 3 times per year. They are irritant but unable to spread diseases.

Where Bed Bugs Hide?
Bed bugs may enter your luggage, clothing, used beds, and sofa, and other items keeping them invisible. Their compressed bodies let them fit into small spaces like the width of a credit card. They don’t make nests like ants or any other insects but like to live in groups in conceal places.
They typically hide in mattresses, box springs, bed frames etc. and keep them easy access to people and animal to bite at night.
Eventually, they may spread out through the bedroom, move to a nearby room or even in next apartments.
Due to Bedbug live exclusively on blood, it exists in the home will destructive pollution.
They are likely to exist in dirty homes and hotel rooms even in clean and spotless places.
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When Bedbug Bite?
Usually, Bedbugs are energetic at night and bite people while sleeping. They pierce the skin and suck blood through an elongate mouth. The bugs feed on 3 to 10 minutes to become enlarged and then creep away unseen. View How To Kill Bed Bugs In 24 Hours Or Less?