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114. How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Bites? Natural Remedies With Salt: Borax & Baking Soda!

Sometimes getting rid of Bedbug infestations can be exceptionally difficult without the help of a professional exterminator, specifically if left untreated for too long. So, Try to kill bed bugs using salt & baking soda as soon as you find them in your home. Natural remedies like salt may work, but it is vital to begin treating the infestation as early as possible. If wait too long, the bedbugs will have established numerous hiding places that require excessive natural remedies to be effective. Provably, it's the most in-expensive and effective way to get rid of bed bugs bites.
How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Bites Using Salt and Baking Soda
To get rid of bedbug bites with salt and baking soda, you'll need to follow the instruction and materials as stated below:
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Things You'll Need:
1. Flashlight,
2. Borax Salt,
3. Vacuum Cleaner,
4. Bowl,
5. Paintbrush,
6. Baking soda Salt, and
7. Washing machine
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01. Use washing machine

At first remove all the linens from bed and prepare to wash. Place the linens in the washing machine, and Drop 3 table spoons of borax salt over the linens.
Wash them with hot water of washing machine, and dry them at the maximum temperature setting.
02. Use a flashlight

Use a flashlight to check the mattress, the bed frames and also surrounding areas; such as, around baseboards, tables, chairs and clutter to discover if there is any bedbug.
Check thoroughly, as bedbugs are very small and clever enough at finding cracks and crevices to hide in before you see.
03. Use a vacuum cleaner
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any visible bedbugs on the mattress, the bed sheet and even in surrounding areas.
04. Apply some baking soda

Keep some baking soda (another type of salt) in a bowl. Use a paintbrush to spread it into any cracks or crevices where suspect bedbugs are hiding. Then spray a normal amount of baking soda to all over the mattress, box spring, bed frame and surface around the bed.
Keep this baking soda like this for few hours, then clean it with vacuum cleaner. The baking soda will kill any remaining bedbugs that the Borax salt and first vacuuming missed.
Tips & Warning:

It’s unlikely that all bed bugs will be killed at first attempt. So, repeat the above procedure from Steps 1 to 5 several times within a week. Because bedbugs are very difficult to eliminate completely. If one week of treatments is unable to kill the bedbugs, call a professional insect exterminator. Don't hesitate to get professional help whenever necessary.
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At one point, after staying in a hotel I found that bed bugs were sleeping in the same bed I was. This surprising is very popular with people who have been staying in hotels, dorms and even hospitals. If you are a owner of these hotels, dorms, or hospitals then you will want to read this so you can find out how to discreetly get rid of bed bugs. So whether you are person who stays at a hotel or runs one, then you will want to read the most simple method to get rid of bed bugs.
Step 1:
It is how to do a correct inspection for these bed bugs. You will want to know what these bed bugs look like and where to inspect. In your inspection you will first start with the bed. Bed fleas can live in couches, beds, futons and many other locations, but we will use a mattress for an example.
Step 2:
It’s about using a natural speedy solution. Since you at this point only care about how to get rid of bed bugs from your home, then you will be presented a safe non-toxic fast solution.
Step 3:
This is your last step and you will simply need to clean up the mess. In order to do this, you will want to take your vacuum cleaner and sweep around all the locations that had have bed bugs. If you use a good solution that is natural like the bed bug bully, you will not need to evacuate or throw any of your items away. You simply will just wish to take the vacuum and clean around all the mattresses, couches, futons, and other locations you may have had bed bugs.
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