treatment for bedbug bites
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Bed bugs require an extremely thorough inspection as they tend to hide in small cracks and crevices. When performing your inspections check for bed bug fecal deposits or "rust spots" as well as for the insects themselves.
Check all seams around the mattress and all joints, cracks, and crevices on the box springs. (This will probably require you to remove the fabric from the underside of the box springs.)
Take drawers out of furniture (dressers, nightstands, etc.) and check runners and joints.
Flip all wooden furniture over and check all joints, cracks and crevices.
Pull carpet back slightly and check under all the baseboards.
Check behind pictures/artwork on walls and in folds of curtains.
Be sure to check behind all outlet covers and light switch covers as well.

There's not much for the prevention of bed bugs since they are usually brought into homes. If you leave the country, or travel and stay in hotels/motels, thoroughly inspect luggage as you unpack. Furniture and clothing bought used should be inspected thoroughly for bed bugs and treated or dried at high heat before use.