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Getting rid of bed bugs can be difficult and many fail in their attempts to kill them. Additionally, since they often live in your bedding, using chemicals can be dangerous and expensive. In this video, we will investigate a few cheap methods for bed bug removal and prevention, hope you enjoy it!

Video Transcript:

Bed Bugs can be a nightmare if you do not follow a few simple steps to both prevent and get rid of them quickly. The first step that you should take is to clean all your clothes, bedding, mattress and even things like towels and other types of linen. Its also recommended that you dismantle your bed (if possible) and use a torch to find these little blood suckers before they lay their eggs or sneak up to bite you during the night.

Next, you need to go down to your local gardening shop and purchase some Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade). Be careful not to purchase the more toxic varient if you want to use it in your living areas. Once purchased (its very cheap), grind it up (if its not already in powered form) and place in areas where bed bugs could be hiding. This substance has a dehydrating effect on bed bugs when they come into contact with it which kills them fairly easily.

If you would like a quick fix for protecting yourself against bed bugs while you sleep, wrap double sided tape around the feet of your furniture and bed (after making sure that your bed is free of these pests). This is especially useful for frequent travellers and The Bug Squad highly recommends this cheap option for bed bug control. Just remember to keep your bags and other clothes on top of the furniture so they are protected by this method.

Lastly, if you are unsure or you have been unsuccessful with the suggested removal methods, its time to call in the big guns. The Bug Squad has nothing against exterminators and often it's a necessary step to kill off a pest problem. However, its highly recommended that you first try natural removal methods as they are often affordable and work very well. Just call up your local exterminator or contact your local government for advice and removal quotes.

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