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► How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Quickly

You are sleeping peacefully in your comfortable bed. Suddenly, you have an uncontrollable itch on your neck and back. By morning, these itchy spots on your body have swollen up and developed rashes around them. While observing these rashes, you notice a pattern – there are two or three bites in a sequence. And you realize the culprit behind these bites – bed bugs!
These bugs thrive in mattresses, box springs, linens, couches, and other nooks and corners of your bed frame.
One of the first signs of a bed bug infestation are the itchy bumps you notice on your body when you wake up.
• They bite your skin to feed on your blood, and this causes itchy bumps and rashes in most people.
• The bites are multiple in number, usually two to three, and are in a straight line.
• You might also notice small brown spots in the places they dwell in, which is the fecal matter of these bugs.
• There might be random rusty-red spots on your bed linen and clothes that might have been formed when a bed bug was squished to death.
• In the case of an extreme infestation, a sweet and musty odor emanates from the infested area.
Keep an eye out for their potential hiding places like the mattress seams, under the mattress, behind the headboards, in crevices along the bed and couch, and under the carpet edges. They can also be present behind wall hangings, loose wallpaper, and any cracks in the wall.
How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs.
Here are some simple and natural methods you can use to get rid of these annoying pests in your home.
1. Applying Heat.
Scientists have proved that bed bugs die when exposed to high temperatures that lie in the range of 45-48oC (113-118oF). This makes heat an excellent way to get rid of a bed bug infestation. For small household items like clothes, toys, bedding, linens, and shoes, you can simply toss them in a household clothes dryer. Set the temperature on high, and let the heat work its magic in killing these pests. An exposure of 30-40 minutes to high temperatures is recommended to get higher mortality rates for bed bugs.
2. Vacuuming.
When the number of bed bugs is not that high, vacuuming can be an easy and effective technique to eliminate them from your house. Thoroughly vacuum all corners of the room, edges of the bed frames, mattresses, box springs, on the top and bottom of the carpets, and any crevices and cracks. The vacuum bag must be disposed of carefully so that no bed bugs escape and spread to other rooms. Also, check the vacuum brush and filters for any bugs or eggs, and clean them properly.
Vacuuming should be done every day until you completely get rid of bed bugs.
3. Rubbing Alcohol.
Undiluted alcohol dissolves the cells of the bugs and also acts a desiccant. The bed bugs dry up, curl, and die.
You Will Need.
• 90% rubbing alcohol.
• A spray bottle.
What You Have To Do.
Pour the alcohol into the bottle. Spray this in the areas where bed bug infestation is likely.
4. Sealing Cracks And Crevices.
Bed bugs love to hide in small nooks and cracks that they can find in baseboards, bed frames, shelves, and even on walls. Seal all these cracks and crevices with the help of plaster or caulk properly. This will ensure that no bed bugs remain alive anywhere in the house.
5. Essential Oils.
Essential oils block the respiratory openings on the body of the bed bugs, and this suffocates them to death. Cedar oil and orange oil kill the insects on contact.
What You Need.
• A few drops of essential oil.
• A bottle of water.
• A spray bottle.
What You Have To Do.
1. Add the essential oil to the water in the spray bottle and spray on mattresses, bed frames, shelves, and any place where you think bed bugs can be present.
2. There are many essential oils that you can use. You can also mix two or three oils together for added benefits. The best essential oils to get rid of bed bugs are tea tree oil, cedar oil, orange oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, and eucalyptus oil.
6. Kidney Bean Leaves.
The kidney bean leaves have microscopic trichomes (hooked hairs) on their surfaces. When the bed bugs crawl on these leaves, they get trapped in these trichomes. Once trapped, they can easily be killed and disposed of.
What You Need.
Kidney bean leaves.
What You Have To Do.
1. Spread the leaves on the floor of your bed bug infested room and leave them there for a day.
2. The bed bugs will get trapped on the leaves.

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