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You don't have to hire a professional exterminator to get rid of bed bugs. All you need are the right tools for the job and the will to see the treatment plan to its conclusion. For further information visit:

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"How to get rid of bed bugs

Okay we get a lot of phone calls asking how do I get rid of bed bugs, and there were several steps that go into this procedure and step one is always going to be inspection and sanitation. What we mean by that is we are going to search the room and we're going to get rid of anything that we don't absolutely need to have. That means that we're going to get rid of extra papers that we have laying around. If we store things under the bed we're going to get those things out from under the bed; we're going to move them out of the way so that we can clear the way toward a treatment path. All clothes should be bagged up. Drawers should be emptied. So your room should kind of look like it did when you were first moving in. Everything should be clean and empty. Then we are going to move on to step two, and that's the thorough treatment. That means every crack and crevice, every nook and cranny has to be treated with some product. Whether it's an aerosol, a liquid concentrate, or a dust everything must be treated. Step three, you go back and you treat again, and you're going to treat every two weeks until you don't have any more bed bugs or any evidence of bed bugs for at least thirty days.

Common Mistakes

Okay, some common mistakes folks make when they're trying to get rid of bed bugs is just not doing a thorough job. A lot of folks want to go in and just kind of broadcast spray all over the room and hope that just does the job. Well bed bugs like to hide in cracks and crevices so it is very important that every crack and crevice is treated. This means cracks and crevices around base boards, door frames, window frames, picture frames. If you can fit a credit card in there a bed bug can also hide there. Every crack and crevice must be treated. The second common mistake is just not doing the repeat treatments. People want to treat once and move on. Unfortunately the bed bug egg is protected so those repeat treatments are necessary with every product that you use.

Can I do it myself?

You may be wondering if you can treat bed bugs yourself versus hiring a professional, and the answer is of course you can. You have to be committed to adding a little bit of your own labor into the process, but if you are willing to do that you can certainly treat bed bugs yourself. We do recommend that you use one of our bed bug kits versus trying to choose one single product because there could be a resistance issue with the product that you are choosing and treating the string of bed bugs that you have. If you choose a kit you'll notice they come with an aerosol, they'll come with a dust, and may even come with a liquid concentrate. These different products are all chosen to put together into one kit so you can avoid any kind of resistance issue"
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