how to get rid of bedbug bites
Bed bugs love to hide in fabric furniture. Unfortunately there isn't a one product solution in controlling bed bugs. Home improvement stores and grocery stores carry products that will not get rid of them and professional treatments can cost up to five thousand dollars.

Plan on using 3 - 6 different products to eradicate bed bugs. You can do-it-yourself for 10 - 20% less than what a professional would charge.

Do you have bed bugs? Bed bugs are one of the most common and hard to get rid of household pests. In this short video from Bug and Weed Mart, a chain of Arizona based Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Stores, learn where to look for bed bugs and what signs to look for. You will also learn which do-it-yourself pest control products you can use to test for them and how to get rid of bed bugs.