natural treatment for bedbugs - Before getting rid of a bed bug (Cimex Lectularius) infestation at home for good, you must first know your enemy, their actions and signs of their existence. This is important because it can get very expensive to monitor and exterminate bed bugs. Even naturally, if you don't know what you're doing.

Here are some things to look out for:

Number 1. Bed bugs don’t discriminate. No one is immune from an infestation. It's not a cleanliness thing and it's not a socio-economic thing. Bed bugs show up in swanky or dirty hotels, nice or nasty apartments, and luxurious or dirty houses.

Number 2. Bed bugs can get brought into your home. They are great hitchhikers. If you travel a lot, they can grab onto your luggage, briefcase, clothing or other objects. They get transported into your house or apartment building and once inside they migrate from room to room or apartment through your wiring or your pet dog.

Number 3. Most people will know they have a bed bug infestation because they will develop itchy red marks or welts on their skin. Some people don’t have skin reactions to bed bug bites and will not know they have a problem unless they see the insects themselves.

Number 4. Bed bugs start out as a credit card thin, millimeter long nymph. They change quickly once they go from an egg to an adult. The adults are a darkish red - brown color and a quarter of an inch long or more. Once it feeds on your blood it gets plump and goes back in hiding; awaiting another feeding.

Finally, number 5. You’ll want to check for blood stains, black dots, red smears, droppings or the yellowish skins that bed bugs shed. You’ll find signs on your bedding, furniture, couch, carpet and anywhere you spend a lot of time resting or sitting. Bed bugs are very savvy at hiding in headboards, box springs and bed frames. It’s important you examine pillows, seams of quilts and bed skirts. Pay close attention to the corners, sides, grommets and vents of your mattress.

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