getting rid of bedbugs on your own
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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

Getting rid of bed bugs is not an easy task. The easiest way to get rid of them is to use chemicals. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. This could be due to allergies, pregnancies, pets, or young children. Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of bed bugs in more natural, chemical-free ways.

-Map out the infestation. Before you can treat for bed bugs, you have to determine the extent and location of the infestation. In a larger infestation, the bugs may be in multiple rooms, on sofas and other furniture, and in baseboards and cracks. As you go through the house cleaning and collecting items to treat, use a flashlight to inspect for bed bugs.

-Use fresh or dried eucalyptus, lavender, mint, and rosemary around your house. Most insects hate the smell of these plants, and bed bugs are no exception. You can use these herbs fresh or dried.

-Try some essential oils. The essential oils that work the best on bed bugs include citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, mint, and rosemary. Note that if you have pets, you should use tea tree oil with care, as it can be toxic to them.

-Sprinkle some pesticide grade diatomaceous earth around your room, and in doorways/windows sills. Diatomaceous earth is made from diatoms. It appears like a powder, but to bed bugs, it is like shattered glass.

-Try dryer sheets on your mattress. Find 8 to 10 dryer sheets, and place them between the box spring and the mattress. Place 8 to 10 more of these sheets on the mattress underneath your bed sheets.

-Get some non-permeable mattress and pillow covers. These covers are special because they don't have any seams and other crannies for the bed bugs to hide out in.

-Buy some bug interceptors, and install them beneath all four feet of your bed frame. They will keep the bed bugs from crawling onto your bed.

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