treatment for bedbug bites
How to get rid of bed bugs without the use of pesticides. Bed bug treatment natural home remedies.

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There are a couple of easy steps you ought to follow which will ideally get rid of your bed bugs naturally. In this video we show you how!
ONE: De-mess and clear the room.
Get rid of anything you don’t use, for example, daily papers, magazines, and books
TWO: Vacuum everywhere
Once the room is totally clean, vacuum everywhere in an efficient and careful way
THREE: Repeat vacuuming this time with a steam cleaner.
The bugs can’t sustain heat and a steam cleaner gives a quick and exceptional source.
FOUR: Final step; do Repairs
If you have any small breaks or hole in your walls or floors now is a decent time to do repairs. This will get rid of bed bugs in a natural way!
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