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102. Bed Bug Bites: How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In 4 Easy Steps?

Bedbugs gradually are on the rise in the U.S. They are typically found in places with crowded human and animal habitation, such as apartments, hotels and dorms. Sometimes bedbugs are picked up while moving into a new place or purchase used and infested furniture. Now you need to know to how to get rid of bedbugs effectively if you infested. Read and learn more about – 4 Simple way to Get rid of bed bug bites effectively.
How to Get Rid of Bed Bug bites Effectively.
Bed Bug: 4 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs!
We have many questions about bed bug: Where do bed bugs bite? Where they hide? What size of bed bugs? what to do if you have bed bugs? Do bed bugs have wings? Can they fly? What are bed bug symptoms? and finally How to treat bedbug bites? Find here all the answers of above questions. It’s necessary to recognize bedbugs at first to treat them in proper way and remove them effectively. Read and learn more about Bedbug Facts and Signs Of Bed Bugs to recognize them properly and treat bedbug bites effectively.
Bed Bug Size

Bedbugs are elliptical and brownish insects, very smaller as an apple seed in size, living on the blood of Humans and Animals. Adult bedbugs have plane bodies – enlarge their bodies after feeding and color become reddish. Read and learn more about Bed bug infestation, treatment and extermination.
Can Bed Bugs fly or do bed bugs have wings

Bed bugs can’t fly as they don’t have wings. But move very quickly over the floor and walls even in ceilings. Female bedbugs lay hundreds of eggs, the size of which is the small dot in its full life span.

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Bed Bug: 4 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs!
Carefully read and follow the instructions below to get rid of bed bug bite effectively and efficiently.

At first determine bedbugs while noticed the spot on bed where they’ve been feeding or found their husks and dung on bedding.
The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to throw out the infested mattress and get a new one.
Buy a vinyl cover for the mattress and zip the mattress inside it to starve any remaining bedbugs on the mattress.
But if unable to afford this option, take out all of the bedding from your bed and clean well the bare mattress on both sides with vacuum cleaner.
Also vacuum the box spring and the surface of the frame. Then vacuum the entire bedroom and other infested rooms, paying special attention to the corners. Also clean the places where the walls meet with ceiling and floor surfaces, behind furniture & fixtures, any other probable hiding places of bedbugs.
Bed Bug: 4 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs!
Bedbugs can reside and raise in the bedding. So wash the bedding in hot water with laundry detergent. Bedbugs with their eggs should be killed using hot water and laundry detergent and a full cycle in the dryer at maximum temperature.
Never return the bedding to your bedroom until become bug-free. Thoroughly vacuum the room, furniture and fixtures, the mattress and box spring.

To exterminate effectively the rascal bedbugs use Sticky Traps in the same way how to catch mice. Place sticky traps around the room where the bed bugs are likely to hide. And that they escaped while cleaning of bedroom and bedding.
Bed Bug: 4 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs!
It’s important to be cautious after a bedbug infestation. Continue to vacuum the places where Bed bugs infested and wash bedding in hot water regularly.

Don’t let Bedbugs to live in the bedrooms and occupy as their own home.
Tips & Warning:

While purchase a secondhand furniture to use in your living room, it might be infested with bedbugs. So, carefully check out any used furniture to find bedbug husks and dung as symbol of infestation before buying it.

In that case, the complete living room will need to be cleaned as cautiously as the bedroom was.

If possible buy new furniture, as they are likely to be bed bug free.

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