treatment of bedbugs
how do you kill bed bugs? how do you get rid of bed bugs naturally? In this video, we have shown natural bed bug control formula.

1. Vacuum Thoroughly: Find out your Vacuum cleaner & apply it on bed frame, headboard or mattress.

2. Lavender Oil: Mix lavender oil with 50 ml water. Spray this liquid on the expected area.

3. Tea Tree Oil Spray: This oil is not only for health remedy but also for killing bed bugs. Apply tea tree oil with water on suspected area.

4. Essential Oils Of Orange: Collect essential oil of orange & apply it as spray for effective result.

5. Neem Oil: It is also effective to solve this problem. Make a spray using water & apply it.

Hope you will be able to solve bed bugs Infestation fast if you try any one of the methods. So, tell us which one worked for you. Don't forget to share your experience with us in killing bed bugs.