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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bug.
Bed bugs are dangerous insects that bite human skin and feed by sucking human blood. If they appear in your bedroom it is very important to quickly get rid of them as their bite may cause allergic reactions and discomfort. In this video we are talking about best 6 methods to get rid of bed bugs. So please click the subscribe button and bell icon for next videos.

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1. Cold Temperature.
Bed bugs can’t with stand cold temperature. All you have to do is to put a few ice cubes in a thin towel. Place it on the affected area. Remove it after 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat the process until bed bugs totally disappear.

2. Hot steam.
Bed bugs can’t survive in high temperature; minimum 113 degrees Fahrenheit is required. Steam permeates through these materials and destroys the bugs and prevents the egg from surviving. So if you have a steam cleaner, you can use that to get rid of bed bugs fast without using harmful chemicals.

3. Cayenne Pepper.
Take 1 teaspoon each of cayenne powder, oregano and grated ginger. Boil them in water. Strain and spray the solution around the entering spaces of your room and areas where bed bugs may be hiding. The smell of this solution drives the bugs away and prevents them from spreading.

4. Hair Dryer.
Bed bugs cannot tolerate high temperature, so you can set the dryer at the highest mode for 20 minutes or above to kill bed bugs. Position the dryer around the mattress seam and infested area for about an hour to get the effective results. This one hour treatment may kill the pest and eggs. Vacuum the heated area and remove the bug’s traces. Don’t forget to clean vacuum filter.

5. Tea Tree Oil.
Put 20 drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle filled with water and shake well. Spray liberal amounts of the natural insecticide in all areas where you think bed bugs are living. Use the tea tree oil spray daily until all the signs of bed bugs have disappeared completely.

6. Baking Soda.
Baking soda has antimicrobial properties which destroys bed bugs. Spread some baking soda around the crevices and cracks or wherever you find bugs. Don’t forget to vacuum the soda after few days and re-apply it.

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