how do i get rid of bedbugs

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs using dry ice.

Changlu Wang: a fabric-lined, upside-down pet dish with a cooler of dry ice on top (system to get rid of bed bugs). The dry ice releases CO2, which attracts the insects, who climb the fabrics to get at what they think is a live human, and become trapped in the grooves surrounding the inverted bowls. (It helps if you put talcum powder in the grooves.

In the professor's test, it attracted about a third of ambient bugs. Not good enough! So how about a bedbug sauna?

Bedbugger reproduces the specs for a "designated heat treatment room to exterminate bed bugs" used by a British Columbia housing development. They've reported on the use of bedbug saunas before, and it seems to help ("I know it works," says a housing administrator, "I've seen them die"), but such a unit can cost thousands of dollars.