how do you get rid of bedbugs
This video is about basic ways to eliminate and prevent bed bugs between treatments.

Bed bugs are everywhere these days and can be picked up much easier than one might think.

In this video, we look at box spring and mattress covers. These can save you lots of money as long as they are installed correctly. The key to encasing any bugs or eggs is to make sure there are no holes in the covers. People damage these covers all the time during installation and bugs can then escape.

It would be ideal just to throw away the bed completely but that is still no guarantee that all the bugs will be gone. Covers cost roughly 0 CAD which is far better than spending anywhere from 0 to 00 dollars for a new boxspring/mattress.

Even with the pesticide placed around the room and the bed bug covers in place, there are still a few things to consider.

A clear plan of follow-up inspections and the bed isolated from the environment is the key to successfully treating bed bugs.

Bed bug defenders are around a unit and can make the difference between a peaceful rest and being eaten alive!

No one thing is perfect. Bed bug defenders are essential in all our treatments because we want to do everything we can to prevent bites.

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