chemical treatment for bedbugs
Here's a quick live demonstration using foggers to bomb for bedbugs and fleas. These foggers are also good for spiders as we found a dead one in the kitchen after the 4 plus hours we were away today.

These purple canned Hot Shot foggers can be purchased at Home Depot. There are 3 foggers per package. We let off 2 in the bedroom and 1 in the living room.

Make sure to cover everything up, especially dishes and food. Make sure the windows are closed to keep the chemical inside to do its job. We also taped up the electrical outlets.

We also had a large amount of diatomaceous earth on the carpet and on the shelves and along the baseboard as this dries out the exoskeletons of any bugs. Make sure to place clothes in seal-tight plastic containers. We get ours at Walmart.

We also use an air mattress and do not have any plushy chairs nor do we own a couch. We like our space for our animals. Speaking of which, all your animals should be out of the home when you set off the bombs. Also, you should do monthly flea treatments on your animals as fogging alone to treat for fleas is not enough. We do topical flea treatment that we purchase from our vet monthly and log the date in a small day planner to keep track of the treatment schedule for the following month.

When the four hours has elapsed, make sure you leave your pets, children, service dog, etc. outside and come inside with a bandana or mask around your mouth and very quickly open all the windows and fans to air out the place. It will take about a half hour to air out. Throw away any newspaper that was under the foggers and check to see what kinds of bugs you found. We also use sticky traps to help catch bugs and we had those laid out prior to bombing. Hope all this information helps you.

Commentary and video footage (#6169) recorded by me, phoenixgenesis, on my iPhone on October 24, 2014. (c) 2014 Phoenix Genesis / MBS LP - All Rights Reserved.

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