the best way to get rid of bedbugs
We use heat to kill bed bugs! It’s more effective than using pesticides and we’re saving the planet one customer at a time!

As the bed bug problem continues to grow in Southern Ontario - especially in the Toronto area - bed bug exterminators have struggled to keep up with the demand. until only a few years ago the only option for the homeowner was to have a series of chemical treatments. While safe when done properly there’s no getting around the fact that chemicals must be discharged to conduct a chemical treatment. Enter the bed bug heat treatment. Our patented system safely and quickly raises the temperature of a home to thermal kill range of bed bugs and kills all the bed bugs and their eggs in just one visit.

By conducting our bed bug heat treatments we estimate that we save the planet from upwards of 1000 gallons of chemical exposure each and every year. If you’re unfortunate enough to be suffering with bed bugs and you’re looking for a fast, effective and eco-friendly solution that really works, give us a call.

Green Tech Bug Heat - We’re proud to be Ontario’s green bed bug exterminator.