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Learn about five natural methods to remove bed bugs in this video.
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Summary: Today's question comes from Andrea and she wanted to know if there are any natural ways to kill bed bugs.

Number 1 - The first thing you want to try is food grade Diatomaceous earth. This powder works really well and will kill bed bugs once they come into contact with it. It's completely non-toxic and you can even use it under your sheet.

Number 2 - Secondly, lavender oil works well as a deterrent. Simply put a few drops of lavender oil around your bed and it will usually keep bed bugs away.

Number 3 - Thirdly, give tea tree oil a try. It works the same as lavender oil but you can also use this in your washing machine. Just make sure that you are OK with the smell and if it agrees with you, this will keep all sorts of insects away at night, including bed bugs.

Number 4 - Number 4, hot wash all your bedding, linen and other items that may have come into contact with bed bugs. The heat will the bed bugs and bring you some relief.

Number 5 - Lastly, hire or buy a decent steam cleaner and use it on your carpets, bed and anywhere else where bed bugs might be hiding out. The heat kills them instantly and this is an extremely effective natural treatment method.

Couple pro tips to keep in mind. You can kill bed bugs instantly by applying some rubbing alcohol. I also recommend double checking important areas such as your head board and bed frame for bed bugs as its a common place to find them and lastly, use a decent vacuum cleaner in areas where bed bugs could be hiding from you.

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