how to get rid of bedbugs
24 hour Exterminator company Harlem NY we specialize in rodent control and Exterminator Bed Bugs wildlife removal.

Harlem Exterminator service company the greater Harlem NYC area We remove rats from attics, as well as squirrels, raccoons, mice, bats, and other critters that invade homes.

Exterminator Harlem are not a regular NYC pest control company we are wildlife specialists With the most wild animals, such as raccoons, we humanely trap and relocate the animals.

With rats and mice, we do exterminate them, but we do it in the most humane manner possible, and without poison.

Poison is ineffective, because it doesn't solve the root of the problem we stop the rats in your attic at the source their entry holes.

Harlem Exterminator service 24 hours trap and remove all rats, and you are not left with rotting rat carcasses, which cause a big odor problem.

For squirrels, we live trap the animals in cages, and same as with rats, we identify and seal shut all the entry points into your house.

If you don't seal up the holes, new critters will come back in They are often attracted to the scent of the previous wildlife, so we also offer attic cleanup and deodorizing services.

We make sure that we solve the problem correctly the first time, and that the job is complete, and that you are wildlife free for good!
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