how get rid of bedbugs
EcoForce Eliminator Elite

The EcoForce Eliminator Pest, 120V electric heat system
National Electric code compliant on 15 amp, 120 volt circuits. This makes for easy setup almost anywhere.
Built-in digital thermostat control is pre-set to get you in the kill zone and then keep you there for enhanced performance while heating for bed bugs, and their eggs.
6000 Watts, 20,460 BTU’s, hi-temperature plastic & fan motor
37 Lbs. each – Stackable, Lightweight and easy to carry
Higher temperature rise while using less electricity. The “EcoForce Eliminator” outperforms electric heat systems by producing a higher Delta T temperature rise. This is better for focus heating containments, tenting, etc…
Built in High temperature / low amperage fan – This fan is rated for continuous use at 140F.
Hi-Temperature plastic – not the cheap stuff others use
NEC compliant on 15 amp circuits. This means you can safely use any electrical outlet in the building or home. No other system has this feature.
Fully duct-able in and out for container applications in which the EcoForce Eliminator can be outside the container making for more room inside the container.
3 tier heater element safety system. You don’t have to worry about the safety of this machine.
No cool down necessary. Advanced filaments allow you to shutoff the unit without a cool down process with complete safety.
Non-finned heating elements. Finned heating elements catch the lint and aerosolized particulates creating a fire hazard and frequent cleaning. This is not an issue with our advance filament heating elements and design.
The EcoForce Eliminator comes standard with a digital thermostat control that lets you set the temperature. This brings the temperature up to your setting and then holds that temperature for efficient pest killing.

The EcoForce Eliminator has a ramp up power feature when you don’t need to use full power, and also has (4) sets of heating elements. Each set is 12 amps at 120 volt. You can use 1, 2, 3 or all 4 heater elements. This allows you to use just the power you need and leaves a lot of electricity for your other equipment.