how can you get rid of bedbugs
This documentary was shot during a test to determine the consistency of efficacy of EcoRaider All-Natural Bed Bug Killer's different production batch from 2012 to 2013. Location: Rutgers University Entomology Lab. Time: June 15th, 2013.
Two EcoRaider batches were tested with water as control. Bed bugs were transferred to a dry dish after spray, and their activity was recorded.
At 5 minutes, both EcoRaider groups appeared stunned or agitated. Control group stayed close together which is typical for bed bug.
At 1 hour, both EcoRaider groups showed majority counts of immobility, activity cut down significantly.
At 3 hours, both EcoRaider groups showed majority counts of mortality. Control group still stay close and active.
At 6 hours, only three counts in the two EcoRaider groups are still live but moving in unstable condition.
At 24 hours, no more sign of life is observed in both EcoRaider groups. No change on control group.

Test result proved that different EcoRaider batches are consistent in efficacy of "causing 100% mortality of to bed bug adult and nymphs."
EcoRaider— the Answer to "How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs"
In a study done by Rutgers University and published on Pest Control Technology March 2013 issue, among all that tested, EcoRaider is the only natural product with 100% efficacy of killing bed bugs and eggs, yet it is safe and green. Therefore EcoRaider is identified as the most effective natural solution to treat bed bugs.
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