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View Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs? How To Kill Bed Bugs With Clorox Bleach?

103. Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs? How To Kill Bed Bugs With Clorox Bleach?

People don’t like to be a meal of bed bugs while sleeping. Most people think about bedbugs before closing their eyes. Bedbugs are one of night-time creatures that occupy the beds, and survive on the warm blood of humans and animal. Professional extermination is the best way & recommended protection against bed bugs. But this method is not fit for everybody due to high cost. There are some inexpensive DIY methods works fine if done carefully.
Does Bleach kill bed bugs?

Answer is yes. Some home remedies are helpful at reducing or even sometimes eliminating bed bugs, such as Bleaching powder – Clorox. You can use this to manage or eliminate irritating bedbug infestation.
Things You’ll Need

Washer with hot water capability
Laundry soap
Clorox liquid bleach or Clorox Color Safe bleach
Vacuum cleaner with hose attachment
Heavyweight kitchen or yard-size garbage bags with ties
Rubber utility gloves
Washcloths or scrub brush
Water spray bottle
Heavy plastic sheeting
Utility staple gun
01. Use a flashlight

Use a flashlight to examine the mattress, box spring and under furniture to verify the presence of bedbugs. Adult bedbugs are reddish-brown and a compressed, oval shape. Adults grow up to be 4mm to 5mm in length. A bedbug has a segmented stomach, making them appear with stripes. Bedbug existence can further be recognized by the fecal matter they make in the form of reddish-brown spots on the host’s mattress. Bedbugs discard their skin several times. These skins will look like very small, transparent insects can be found around and in the furniture.
02. Remove unnecessary items

Remove as many unnecessary items from the area as possible. Items similar to magazines, papers and boxes of waste are the ideal places for bedbugs to hide. So, these clutter should be thrown out as soon as possible.
03. Pull all drawers

Pull drawers from dressers and remove the box spring and mattress from the bed frame. Bend the box spring and mattress against a wall.
04. Clean clothing

Clean the quilt, blankets, sheets and any other washable clothing inside dressers using laundry detergent, boiling water and Clorox, if possible. Clorox does make a color-safe peroxide for colored fabrics. Make sure the wash cycles are used on the setting so the items will work up the best. Dry all items in the maximum heat the fabric can tolerate. This ensures the killing of any mature bedbugs, nymphs and eggs.
05. Use Vacuum cleaner

Clean with vacuum cleaner the mattress thoroughly using the hose attachment to get around buttons, piping and cushion tops on the mattress. Also clean around the box springs, especially if there any hole in the fabric covering the underside of the box spring; as this is the ideal hiding place for bedbugs. If the ragged material is beyond repair, then remove it overall.
06. Vacuum thoroughly

Thoroughly vacuum the inside and outside of all dressers, furniture & fixtures, and night stands. Tremble out any non-washable clothing items that were in the dresser.
07. Use garbage bags

Keep the non-washable clothing items in garbage bags. Put the bagged clothing on the ground, remove as much air as possible by gently sloping the bags and clothing like a sleeping bag and tying the bag off. This process may take many bags, but will ensure no bed bugs escaped the vacuum. Depart the bagged items for at least 48 hours.
08. Clean carpet

09. Remove the bags from vacuum cleaner
10. Spray Clorox

11. Wash infested areas
12. Spray Clorox thoroughly

13. Safe your skin

14. Dry

15. Keep back all items

Tips & Warnings

Frequent bedding changes can help in controlling of bedbugs. Try to wash the bedding in hot water with Clorox, if possible. While the sheets need to remove, use a flashlight to inspect the bedding and mattress to find signs of re-infestation. In the cases of extreme infestation where home remedies don’t work, an exterminator must be consulted for the sake of health & safety.

Due to improper use of Clorox can cause skin irritation, including eczema and allergic reaction, so take care with utmost attention while apply Clorox to kill bed bugs. Never use undiluted bleach on a mattress. Dry bleach is very soon as irritating to the skin as wet bleach.

No accuracy warranty of any information provided here. This is not a medical advice, for information purpose only. Always ask your doctor for medical treatment.
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