natural treatment for bedbugs

Hey frens!!! It's another week and another struggle for your girl!
You all are getting a how-to and a vlog wrapped in one! Lol...

I don't typically experience embarrassment, like it's almost impossible to embarrass me, so I decided to share this unpleasant experience with you all. I hope I can help at least one viewer.
Bedbugs are not a sign of dirtiness (or lack of cleanliness). Anyone may find themselves dealing with bedbugs at some point!
I compiled a list of tips to help you if you catch the problem early.

1. Confirm that you have a bedbug infestation.

2. Strip your bed and toss out the affected linen.

3. Spray and scrub-clean mattress and box spring.
PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE SEAMS WHERE THEY OFTEN HIDE [mixture used in video: 2 parts plain vodka, 1 part apple cider vinegar, 1 part hot water] ***some recommend using rubbing alcohol***

4. Use zippered mattress protector that specifies protection against bedbugs (keep mattress protected for no less than a year).

5. Fog/bomb the affect bedroom(s).

6. NOT PICTURED IN VLOG: use steamer to rid nearby furniture of any possible bugs/nests [high temperature heat/steam was the most recommended tip found during my Google research]

7. Spray room and affected area (with homemade mixture or store-bought spray specifically for bedbugs).

8. Clean the electronics (radios, TVs, gaming systems, etc.) and wall outlets near infestation site.

Any fabric items not thrown out should be washed on the highest heat setting (my washer has a sanitizing setting that uses extreme heat and washed for almost 2 hours per load).

10. Place detectors and traps around the base of the bed, in between nearby furniture, in between mattress and box spring, and at the entrance of adjacent bedrooms. Routinely inspect.

Since cleaning my room, I continue to inspect my bed area NIGHTLY to make sure all bugs are gone! I plan to treat my room again in six weeks or more.

PLEASE CONSULT PEST CONTROL (AN EXTERMINATOR) FOR SERIOUS INFESTATIONS [i.e. tens or hundreds of bugs, multiple room infestations, etc.]

If you've read this far, comment down below: Night night, don't let the bedbugs bite!


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