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QNA #3: "Are bed bugs a big problem in Las Vagas?"
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Number 1 - First thing you want to do when you arrive is to put your luggage in the bathroom. Research has shown that its very unlikely for bed bugs to hide there so it is a safe haven for you to store your things in while you investigate the possibility of a bed bug problem in your bedroom.

Number 2 - Remove the sheets and pillows and look around for any signs of bed bugs. The common places are on the rim of the bed, under the bed and behind the headboard so make sure you check those places properly.

Number 3 - I recommend that you keep an eye out for any blood stains, small black dots or any discoloration that looks suspicious. Basically, look for anything that shouldn't be visable on your clean linen and bed.

Number 4 - I suggest that if you travel frequently or just want to be safe, keep your suitcase inside of a plastic bag. You can buy a special enclosure for it but a simple rubbish bag will work just as well.

Number 5 - Search Google for the name of the hotel or place you will be sleeping at in Las Vegas and add the words "bed bug problem" at the end. Usually this will bring up anything that might be of concern.

Couple pro tips to keep in mind. If you think there are bed bugs in the room, request a room that's a couple floors away to ensure that they are not also infested. Secondly, when you get home from staying at the hotel, hot wash all your clothing to ensure that any bed bugs are killed. Lastly, as I already mentioned, if you think bed bugs might have followed you back home, call in an exterminator to help you as it will save you many sleepless nights.

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