getting rid of bedbugs
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You'll also find reliable answers to questions like what are the signs of a bed bug infestation, what are the health effects of bed bug bites, what do bed bugs look like and a lot more! We'd like to introduce you to Fantastic Pest Control's most high­ demand and fail­ proof service: bed bug control! Watch for a demonstration of how we apply bed bugs insecticide with the highest quality available on the UK market and a 100% knockdown.

5 More Things to Know About our bed bug treatment in London:
- The treatment is 100% safe for your health and in accordance with COSHH regulations.
- It's performed in two visits: 2 weeks after the initial treatment, we apply an additional product to guarantee a 3­ month lasting effect.
- The bed bug exterminator will provide you with all the instructions necessary. Cooperation is the key to a successful bed bug treatment.
- License and full training are must­haves when it comes to our London pest controllers.
- We offer discount prices for combined treatments and returning clients!

Fantastic Pest Control has the upper­hand on these dreadful pests, with highly advanced methods and a 3­month guarantee! When hired to treat a property for bed bugs, be it domestic or commercial, we inspect it thoroughly and leave no details overlooked. Our 15 years of experience have taught us that no pest should be underestimated and that's why we give our full potential and effort to each one of our customers. Contact us 24/7 to win back your good night's sleep!

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