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Bed Bug Treatment - Heat Remediation - Walker Pest Management

We were called to do a Bed Bug Treatment at a local apartment complex. Then tenants moved out but the landlord was worried about a possible bed bug problem. After inspection bed bugs were found but not as bad as a lot of jobs we've had. Treatment is done the same way no matter the severity. In this video we follow Lucas, Walker Pest Management's service manager while he sets up the bed bug thermal remediation equipment. Walker Pest uses Temp-Air equpment. First the heaters, fans, cables, distribution box, cables and wireless monitoring system must be unloaded, put in place, hooked up properly and systems all brought online and synced up. After everything is in place then the generator is cranked up. The process requires constant monitoring and sometimes re-positioning of equipment for optimal heat penetration. Once the temperatures are all up to about 125 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit then the clock is started and these temps are maintained a minimum of 2 hours, usually longer in most cases. Some rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms require further treatment with dust and pesticide to prevent bed bugs from retreating into those rooms from the living areas. All switches and power plug plates are removed and dusted behind. Bed Bugs are a serious problem and they require proper treatment from a reputable company to guarantee extermination.

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